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6 Week League Competition

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September 3 - October 15

A new way to play is coming to 7th Street Mini Golf & Game Parlour! We are launching our first Neon Mini Golf League. The League will run for 6 weeks culminating with our 1st Year Anniversary Bash on October 15th. League prizes will be awarded during this event.

*Active members get $20 off registration! Members, please call or come in to apply discount to registration.

Neon Mini Golf League Shirt and Sticker

Each Player Receives:

Limited Edition Shirt
Limited Edition Holographic Sticker
One Game per Week
Official Scorekeeper for Each Game
Name on Leaderboard Screen
Chance to Win Prizes - TV, Tablet, Dade City Experiences and More...

Awards & Prizes

First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Most Hole in One's
Lowest Single Game Score
Raffle Prize Baskets

Full list of individual prize items coming soon!

Register Today!

Deadline to register is August 20th. You will receive your limited edition league shirt and sticker when you come in to play your first round the week of September 3rd.

Competition Regulations:

Official Scoring:

  • The 6 week league season consists of one game played each week during business hours for a total of 6 games.
  • Scores are kept by official scorekeepers. We encourage a call ahead to check availability. You may have a wait time for a scorekeeper to become available. 
  • Official Leaderboard will be displayed on-site and on our website at Scores will be updated at the end of each week.

General Course Rules:

  • Our maximum score limit of 6 strokes per hole also applies for league play. If you reach 6 strokes, you may continue shooting until you make it in without incurring additional strokes, or you may pickup your ball and move to the next hole.
  • The only penalized hazard is for the ball exiting the boundary of a hole. A +1 stroke penalty is applied and the ball is spotted where it exited.
  • Any obstacles on the course within the boundaries of each hole do not incur stroke penalties.

Special Course Rules:
Our course features unique, non-standard play on several holes. The following special rules apply...

  • Hole 13 "Plinko"- Each attempt to hit the ball does not accumulate. Your score is the value of the pocket your ball lands in. You can take as many strokes needed to get the ball up and over.
  • Hole 15 "Choose Your Path" - Tee off from left or right starting position and finish in either the left or right hole.
  • Hole 16 "All In" - Originally designed to be a multiplayer hole, pick one corner and shoot for the middle with standard scoring.
  • Hole 18 "Skee Ball" - Each attempt to hit the ball does not accumulate. If the ball returns, you still start from zero. Your score is the corresponding number on the hole your ball enters. Should you score a hole in one, you can substitute one of your other single hole scores from the round (for example: you shoot a "6" on Hole 13, but get a hole in one on Hole 18. In this case, you not only get the "1" on Hole 18 but can also change the "6" from Hole 13 into a "1").

Missing Weeks:

  • Given the cumulative nature of the league, we highly encourage all entrants to not miss a week. You can come in anytime during regular business hours.
  • If you miss a week, your highest scoring week will be duplicated as a substitute. You may continue to play the remainder of your games and you will still be eligible for all of the competition prize categories.
  • If you miss a second week, you will be dropped from the competition. You may play the remainder of your games until the competition ends, but you will be ineligible for a grand prize (Placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd). You can still qualify for "Most Hole in Ones" and "Lowest Single Game Score" prizes.
  • Of course we understand people often run into extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us via email (contact form below) or call us at: (352) 437-4715. We will be happy to discuss options and work with you to make sure you do not get disqualified from the competition.

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